Building a High-Frequency Inverter with SG3525: 12V DC to 220V AC 50hz

Introduction: In the ever-evolving world of electronics, hobbyists often find joy in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. One fascinating project that combines skill, innovation, and efficiency is the creation of a high-frequency inverter using the SG3525 IC. This versatile integrated circuit forms the heart of a design that transforms a humble 12V DC input … Read more

12V to 19V SMPS Boost Converter Circuit with SG3525 and IRFZ44 MOSFETs

The Intro This project is a simple smps 12v to 19v boost converter circuit or project for charging laptops and other devices that need higher voltage than 12v. SMPS SMPS, or Switched-Mode Power Supplies, are very important in electronics because they provide controlled power efficiently. We look into the details of making a 12V to … Read more

Low Battery Cutoff + Overload/Short Circuit Cutoff + Voltage Feedback Circuit For DIY Inverters

Low Battery Cutoff + Overload/Short Circuit Cutoff + Voltage Feedback Circuit For DIY Inverters I am sharing a protection circuit for DIY inverters that has 3 functions which are  1. LOW BATTERY CUTOFF: The low battery cutoff circuit is a circuit that protects the inverter battery from draining (discharging) led d4 turns on when the … Read more

Atmege328 Digital Mppt solar charge controller Project download

 Atmege328 Digital Mppt solar charge controller Project free download  Solar chargers convert solely fifty-five of the solar power, this price loads of star panels. MPPT chargers convert nearly ninety-nine of solar power. About the Mppt Well, the foremost advanced star charge controller accessible within the market is most wall socket trailing (MPPT). The MPPT controller … Read more

A Simple Dc to Dc Cuk Converter Project Boost/Buck Functionality

Today I am reviewing my simple DC to DC Cuk converter project (low-side drive type of DC to DC buck-boost converter) Firstly What is a Cuk converter A Cuk converter is a type of converter that comprises both a buck converter and a boost converter which has only one switching device (Transistor, Mosfet, or IGBT), … Read more

How I prompt Claude Ai to write program for microcontrollers

In this post i will show how to code pic microcontroller with ai, you can use chatgpt, blackbox ai, or claude ai, but i prefere claude ai because it data is upto 2023, and also understand embedded systems than other AI in my experience so this project is based on a 8bit mid-ranged microcontroller which … Read more