12V to 19V SMPS Boost Converter Circuit with SG3525 and IRFZ44 MOSFETs

The Intro This project is a simple smps 12v to 19v boost converter circuit or project for charging laptops and other devices that need higher voltage than 12v. SMPS SMPS, or Switched-Mode Power Supplies, are very important in electronics because they provide controlled power efficiently. We look into the details of making a 12V to … Read more

A Simple Dc to Dc Cuk Converter Project Boost/Buck Functionality

Today I am reviewing my simple DC to DC Cuk converter project (low-side drive type of DC to DC buck-boost converter) Firstly What is a Cuk converter A Cuk converter is a type of converter that comprises both a buck converter and a boost converter which has only one switching device (Transistor, Mosfet, or IGBT), … Read more