12V to 19V SMPS Boost Converter Circuit with SG3525 and IRFZ44 MOSFETs

The Intro This project is a simple smps 12v to 19v boost converter circuit or project for charging laptops and other devices that need higher voltage than 12v. SMPS SMPS, or Switched-Mode Power Supplies, are very important in electronics because they provide controlled power efficiently. We look into the details of making a 12V to … Read more

Make a Power Bank output 9V to 12v with Resistors, Diodes connected to D+ and D-

About power bank characteristics and its functionalities In the modern-day tech world, having a dependable power source is important, in particular, whilst on the go. Power banks have emerged as a famous solution, but what if you may create your custom-designed electricity bank able to impart 12V power output? The latest power banks are having … Read more

Simple DIY inverter project with CD4049 IC

Making a simple DIY 1000-watt inverter using CD4049 IC is a simple project to convert DC (Direct Current) voltage from a battery or other DC source into an AC (Alternating Current) voltage suitable for powering various high-power appliances or industrial devices. The CD4049 IC, also called a hex inverting buffer, is a versatile component that … Read more

Simple piano or electronic organ project

Introduction In present day virtual age, electronic gadgets have end up an essential a part of our lives, which include musical devices. One fascinating task for music fans and electronics hobbyists is building a easy electronic piano or organ the use of an astable circuit. An astable circuit is a sort of oscillator that generates … Read more

Noise intensity meter circuit

Reason of the use of noise intensity meter Noise pollution is tends to many non-communicable diseases and. Safe level of noise is considered up to 30 dB. Here is a interesting circuit by dreamlover technology, “Noise Meter” used to measure the level of noise indicting by LED and in addition it give warning when noise … Read more

Simple led flip flop circuit with s8050 or Bc547 transistor

A flip-flop LED light with two NPN transistors either S8050 or bc547 transistors and two LEDs is an electronic device that can alternate the lighting of two LEDs in sequence. The circuit is easy to build, affordable, and provides a switching mechanism to display alternating LED patterns. Here are the steps involved in building a … Read more

IR2153 push-pull inverter project

this project that I am sharing today is an IR2153 push-pull inverter, the circuit converts 12VDC volt from a battery to 220v AC voltage. The circuit uses IR2153 ic as the oscillator and MOSFETs to drive the transformer and it is in a push-pull configuration to get a high-efficiency voltage conversion. Here are the steps … Read more