IR2153 push-pull inverter project

this project that I am sharing today is an IR2153 push-pull inverter, the circuit converts 12VDC volt from a battery to 220v AC voltage. The circuit uses IR2153 ic as the oscillator and MOSFETs to drive the transformer and it is in a push-pull configuration to get a high-efficiency voltage conversion. Here are the steps to building IR2153 push-pull inverter with MOSFETs.

Components needed:


– IR2153 integrated circuit



– Transformer (12V-0-12V to 220V)

– Capacitors (47nF, 10nF)

– Resistors (470Ω, 270kΩ, 4.7kkΩ)

– Perf PCB Board



Assemble the components on the PCB board, starting with the IR2153 integrated circuit and MOSFETs.

Connect a 2200uF capacitor to the positive dc source and to the positive terminal of the transformer if you wish for stabilization.

Connect a 47nF to pin 3 and ground and 10nF capacitor in parallel to each MOSFETs drain and source pins.

Connect the 270kΩ resistor to pins 2 and 3 of the IR2153 IC

Connect the 470Ω resistor to the MOSFET gate driver.

Connect the drain of one MOSFET to one side of the transformer, and the other MOSFET’s drain to the other side of the transformer.

Connect the sources of the MOSFETs to the dc source.

Finally, connect the heat sink to the MOSFETs to ensure proper heat dissipation.

Test the inverter using a power load of up to 200 watts.


An IR2153 push-pull inverter with MOSFETs is a good solution for converting DC voltage to high AC voltage. Carefully solder the MOSFETs, use the right or accurate component rating, and also follow their polarity, and also be careful with the circuit because it is you dealing with a high-voltage project.

The push-pull setup of the MOSFETs increases the inverter’s efficiency and two sides handle the load which means push-pull. You will need a heat sink to protect the MOSFET from roasting up. Follow the steps I showed above to make the IR2153 push-pull inverter you will need to increase the number of MOSFETs for more power and efficiency also you need to use the right transformer for your power suite.

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