Conversion of AC to AC is quite simple as in compare to DC to DC converter because it only implies a transformer which converts AC from one voltage level to another voltage level.
But conversion of DC to DC is quite tedious work without transformer and more power losses. Here is simple, low-cost, high precision circuit which converts 6-V DC to 12-V DC without using transformer and easy to construct with few component. Circuit description of DC to DC conversion

The circuit of DC to DC conversion is build with a very popular IC LM555 used as multivibrator mood which generate required frequency range from 2 to 10 kHz to drive power transistor T2. Here potentiometer VR1 is used to adjust output frequency given to transistor T2 via resistor R3. A zener diode in this circuit is used as voltage regulator which regulates voltage to 12 volt.

Inductor parameters

Here Inductor L1 of 100 turns, 24 SWG enameled copper wire wounded on a 40mm dia. toroidial ferrite core and capacitor C5 is employed for energy storage. Transistor T1 is used to control output control with the help of resistor R4 R5.

The circuit diagram

Component part list

Resistors (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon)

R1, R2, R5 = 10 KΩ; R3, R4 = 220 Ω 1/2-watt; VR1 = 47 KΩ Capacitors

C1 = 0.0047 µF; C¬2 = 0.01 µF; C3 = 0.1 µF; C4 = 470 µF/25V; C5 = 2200 µF/35V Semiconductors

D1 = 1N4007; D2 = Zener 12V, 500mA ½-watt; T1 = BC549; T2 = BD139; IC1 =

NE555 timer IC


L1 = 100 Turns, 24 SWG insulated copper wire on 40mm Dia. toroidal core

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