12v to 310v dc HF inverter first stage circuit with SG3525 ic

The SG3525 is a heartbeat width modulation (PWM) regulator that can be utilized to supply control of the output voltage and current of power. With a couple of additional components, it tends to be utilized to change over a 12V DC input to a 310V DC output.

Here is a bit-by-bit guide on the most proficient method to utilize the SG3525 to fabricate a 12V to 310V DC power supply:


Pick the transformer: To change the low-voltage input over completely to a high-voltage output, you will require a step-up transformer. You can pick a transformer with a turns ratio of approximately 1:25, and that means that the secondary winding will have multiple times more turns than the primary winding. For a 12V input, you will require a transformer with a secondary voltage rating of around 300V.

connect the SG3525: connect the SG3525 to the input voltage, ground, and feedback pin. The feedback pin is utilized to regulate the output voltage. The SG3525 can be designed to operate in either voltage mode or current-mode control, yet for this application, we will utilize voltage mode control.


Interface the transformer: Associate the primary winding of the transformer to the output of the SG3525. The secondary winding ought to be associated with the diode and capacitor network.

Add the diode and capacitor network: The diode and capacitor network is utilized to rectify and filter the output voltage. A full-wave rectifier can be utilized with two diodes associated with an extension configuration. The filtered output voltage can be smoothed by connecting a capacitor in parallel with the output.

Add the output load: Interface the load to the output of the power supply. Make sure that the load doesn’t surpass the maximum current rating of the SG3525 and the transformer.

Adjust the SG3525: Adjust the SG3525 to obtain the ideal output voltage. This can be finished by adjusting the feedback voltage using a potentiometer or trimmer resistor associated with the output and feedback pins of the SG3525.


A few important considerations while building a power supply with the SG3525 include:

Component determination: Pick high-quality components that can handle the voltage and current ratings of the power supply. Low-quality components can lead to instability and failure of the power supply.

Safety: High voltage DC can be dangerous and potentially lethal. Guarantee that the power supply is appropriately insulated and that appropriate safety measures are taken while handling the circuit.

Productivity: The effectiveness of the power supply can be upgraded by choosing a transformer with a high turn ratio and minimizing the losses in the diode and capacitor network.

In summary, the SG3525 can be utilized to fabricate a high-voltage DC power supply by controlling the output voltage and current. With a careful choice of components and attention to safety and effectiveness, the SG3525 can be a powerful instrument for powering a variety of electronic gadgets that require high-voltage DC.


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