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The SG3524 is a flexible integrated circuit (IC) that is broadly utilized for generating pulse width modulation (PWM) signals. PWM is a procedure used to control the typical voltage conveyed to a heap by varying the obligation pattern of a square wave signal. The SG3524 IC is generally utilized in applications, for example, power inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), engine speed control, and other power electronics frameworks.

Elements of SG3524 PWM IC:

The SG3524 PWM IC offers a few elements that make it famous for different applications:

Double PWM Results: The IC gives two independent PWM yields, allowing concurrent control of two unique burdens.

Extensive variety of Operating Recurrence: The operating recurrence of the SG3524 can be changed over a wide reach, typically from two or three hundred hertz as much as a few kilohertz. This adaptability permits improvement for various applications.

Blunder Intensifier: The IC includes a mistake speaker, which contrasts a reference voltage and an input sign to create a mistake voltage. This mistake voltage is utilized to change the obligation pattern of the PWM signal, ensuring the resulting voltage remains directed.

Delicate Beginning Usefulness: The SG3524 IC incorporates a delicate beginning circuit that continuously increases the obligation cycle after power-up. This element lessens the weight on the framework parts during startup.

Security Hardware: The IC includes worked-in security elements like short-out assurance, overcurrent insurance, and warm closure. These securities upgrade the unwavering quality and well-being of the framework.

Calculation of SG3524 PWM Recurrence and Obligation Cycle:

To work out the recurrence and obligation pattern of the PWM signal produced by the SG3524, we really want to consider the upsides of the outer parts associated with the IC.

Recurrence Calculation:
The recurrence of the PWM signal is determined by the upsides of the timing resistor (RT) and timing capacitor (CT) associated with the SG3524. The recipe to compute the recurrence is as per the following:

Recurrence = 1/(0.693 * CT * RT)

Where CT is in Farads and RT is in Ohms.

Obligation Cycle Calculation:

The obligation cycle addresses the level of time the PWM signal is in its high state contrasted with the all-out period. The obligation cycle is determined by the upsides of the timing resistor (RT), timing capacitor (CT), and input resistor (RF). The recipe to work out the obligation cycle is as per the following:

Obligation Cycle = (RF * RT)/(CT * (RF + R2))

Where RT, CT, RF, and R2 are in Ohms.

Model Calculation:

How about we accept we have the following part esteems:
RT = 10 kω
CT = 1 nF
RF = 10 kω
R2 = 10 kω

Recurrence Calculation:
Recurrence = 1/(0.693 * 1e-9 * 10e3)
≈ 14.4 kHz

Obligation Cycle Calculation:
Obligation Cycle = (10e3 * 10e3)/(1e-9 * (10e3 + 10e3))
= half

In this model, the PWM signal created by the SG3524 will have a recurrence of roughly 14.4 kHz and an obligation pattern of the half.


The SG3524 PWM IC is a flexible device that empowers exact control of force electronics frameworks. Generating PWM signals with movable recurrence and obligation cycle, it works with efficient power change and guidelines. Understanding the calculation of recurrence and obligation cycle permits engineers to
plan and streamline PWM-based frameworks using the SG3524 IC.

While designing a PWM framework with the SG3524, taking into account the specific prerequisites of your application is fundamental. Here are a few extra contemplations:

Choice of Outside Parts:

Pick suitable qualities for the timing resistor (RT), timing capacitor (CT), input resistor (RF), and other outer parts in view of your ideal recurrence and obligation cycle necessities. These qualities ought to be within the suggested ranges given in the SG3524 datasheet.

Input Circle Plan:
The criticism circle assumes a vital part in maintaining voltage guidelines. The input resistor (RF) and resistor (R2) structure a voltage divider network that contrasts the resulting voltage and a reference voltage. Adjusting the criticism parts considers precise voltage guidelines and dependability.

Yield Filtering:
The PWM signal produced by the SG3524 might require extra filtering to streamline the voltage waveform and decrease harmonics. Depending on your application, you might have to add LC channels or other reasonable filtering methods to accomplish the ideal result quality.

Insurance Hardware:
Exploit the inherent security highlights of the SG3524 to shield your framework against overcurrent, short circuits, and inordinate intensity. Guarantee legitimate part determination and format to guarantee these assurances capability actually.

Heat Dissemination:
The SG3524 IC can create heat during activity, particularly in the event that it is driving high loads. Satisfactory intensity dispersal measures, for example, the utilization of heatsinks or warm administration procedures, ought to be executed to maintain the IC within safe operating temperatures.

PCB Format:
Plan a suitable printed circuit board (PCB) format to minimize clamor, interference, and parasitic impacts. Follow best practices for part situations, follow routing, and grounding to guarantee ideal execution and dependability.

Testing and Advancement:

In the wake of assembling your PWM framework, perform exhaustive testing to check its presentation and usefulness. Use oscilloscopes, multimeters, and other testing gear to gauge the real recurrence, obligation cycle, and result voltage. Fine-tuning the outside part esteems is important to accomplish the ideal outcomes.

Make sure to allude to the SG3524 datasheet and application notes given by the producer to point-by-point information on the IC’s specifications, operating circumstances, and extra plan contemplations.

By understanding the principles of PWM, utilizing the highlights of the SG3524 IC, and following great plan practices, you can make efficient and solid PWM-based frameworks custom-made to your specific application prerequisites.

Note: The above explanation and calculation of the SG3524 PWM IC are for illustrative purposes. It is significant to counsel the SG3524 datasheet and pertinent assets for exact calculations, guidelines, and application-specific information.

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